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Digital Transformation to Propel Enterprises into the New Age

With a rapid shift to remote work, virtualization, touchless customer engagement, and agile supply chains, organizations are leapfrogging towards digitalization. The quest for survival in uncertain times and the desire for greater business value is accelerating the adoption of digital technologies and solutions. By strengthening their digital foundation and offering bundled end-to-end transformation solutions, service providers are becoming a critical part of their customer’s digital journey.

Transforming Manufacturing and Maintenance Processes in Aerospace and Defense

The aerospace and defense industry is facing pressure in two directions. The commercial side of aerospace is struggling with decreased demand from the impacts of COVID-19 while the defense and space segments are seeing growth as new technologies emerge. Regardless of the segment, however, the prescriptions are similar. Digital transformation and the adoption of technologies such as 3D printing, artificial intelligence, digital twin, and augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) are an imperative.

RCM Outsourcing on the Rise Due to COVID-19 and Changing Reimbursement Models

Healthcare providers are facing pressure to shift from fee-for-service reimbursement payment models to value-based care models which emphasize patient outcomes. This shift is driving digital transformation with a focus on core operations and enhanced patient experience. COVID-19 is also accelerating this trend, particularly when it comes to digital patient experiences such as telehealth and remote patient monitoring. This digital transformation is driving providers to outsource more revenue cycle management (RCM) functions.

Business Agility And Resilience Drive Demand For Risk And Compliance Services

COVID-19 has emphasized the need for regulatory compliance, internal compliance controls, and the use of security frameworks and tools. Meanwhile, the regulatory environment is increasingly complex, particularly for multinational companies, as they struggle to comply with sometimes conflicting regulations across regions. Risks have changed with a growing cloud environment and increasingly diverse IT service portfolio. The need for a strong governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) partner has grown. These emerging trends are covered in Avasant’s Risk and Compliance Services 2020-2021 RadarView™ report.

AI Emerges As The Foundation Of Enterprise Decision-making

Over the past 12 months, the number of artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics projects in production has increased by 54%. Much of this growth is due to AI-enabled digital workplace solutions and self-services capabilities, allowing for low-touch operations needed during the pandemic. New use cases have emerged in areas such as advertising, media, and marketing where consumers now expect personalized content and communication. AI is creating a shift in the way enterprises consume data and make decisions.

Consumers Increasingly Shifting To Digital Content

Digital content is growing exponentially as a result of the proliferation of smart devices and evolving customer preferences. Moreover, the use of digital technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and analytics is playing a critical role in providing personalized services to customers. Digital transformation is now an imperative for media & entertainment organizations not only to remain competitive but for their survival and growth.

Unleashing The Potential Of Internet Of Things In The New Normal

The global pandemic has accelerated the push for IoT technology in many sectors including retail, manufacturing, and healthcare. New IoT use cases are leading to growth, especially in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). Greater adoption of 5G and other factors will likely continue to drive growth in the post-COVID economy.