Intelligent Automation The Catalyst of Digital Transformation in Shared Services

The increasingly digitized and globalized world economy driven by innovation, disruptive technologies, and interconnectivity has transformed the traditional business models of shared services and outsourcing organizations. Now collectively referred to as Global Business Services (GBS), these organizations are continuously evolving to support more complex core business processes and enable more agile, flexible, sustainable and cost-effective operations.

Hyper-Sustainability: A Guide to 10x Transformation

Technology today is nearly ubiquitous and still rapidly advancing. The possibilities with technology for not only our businesses, but for social good, are endless. However, organizations today are not able to purposefully harness the power of technology because they cannot break away from habitual and legacy processes. One might argue that enterprises have focused only on incremental gain to drive utility and revenue, forgoing opportunities which support those breakthrough innovations required to fundamentally transform and disrupt.

Avasant’s Digital Masters RadarView™ Recognizes Leading Service Providers with the Most Comprehensive Digital Transformation Offerings

The Digital Masters RadarView™ is the culmination of a rigorous year-long research initiative which assessed over 40 providers across three key dimensions: Current capabilities in six technology prerequisite areas, the ability to hyper-converge multiple technologies for business benefits, and the future centricity of the provider’s business and technology vision.

Monitoring and Evaluation in a Digital Environment

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) has been crucial for social sector projects where it is implemented with an intent to track project performance in achieving the intended outcomes. Operationally, the M&E process is often treated as part of support activities to the overall project delivery. Under this traditional approach, most of the M&E activities are around indicator selection to enable reporting per donor preferences.