September 19, 2018
New York City


The 2nd Annual Digital Convergence Conference is the place for senior buy-side executives, influencers, business and thought leaders to come together to learn, connect & pave the way for true digital transformation within their organizations. Conference attendees will hear from industry experts, get first-hand information about the latest case studies, participate in roundtables, and benefit from powerful learning and networking opportunities centered around digital convergence.


Digital Transformation: Success Strategies & Common Pitfalls

Many digital transformation efforts fail to fully meet their objectives, constrained by issues of strategy, approach, governance and execution. What are the common challenges and the downside risk they present? What are the key success factors which if followed will hep to ensure success with RPA, AI and other digital transformation levers?

Moderator: Anupam Govil, Partner, Avasant Mark Etwaru, Digital Transformation, Estee Lauder Michael Hoffman, Innovation and Growth Strategy, BNY Mellon Technology

Panel: Industry Business Impact: How Blockchain Will One Day Revolutionize Every Business

Blockchain is solving problems that industry practitioners did not know existed. Leveraging its inherent security and trust frameworks, it is fundamentally disrupting the way industry value chains operated until now. The resultant benefits accrued by nearly all stakeholders have not gone unnoticed. There is an excitement in this space, and new use cases for deploying Blockchain across industries are mushrooming at an exponential rate. Join the Blockchain pioneers on the panel as they discuss the upcoming revolution and how it could impact your industry.

Featuring Carlos Hernandez, Partner – Digital Transformation Global Leader, Avasant

Fireside Chat: Hyper-Convergence and the Path to Digital Singularity

We are truly in the midst of a Digital Revolution. Emerging technologies such as blockchain, internet of things, artificial intelligence & analytics, intelligent automation, cybersecurity and cloud are changing the way we work and live every day. However, the true multiplier effect occurs when two or more independent technologies merge seamlessly to create something entirely new and unique with an enhanced function that is greater than the original technologies could ever have by themselves. This hyperconvergence becomes a key pillar in changing our relationship with technology, from it simply being a means to an end (master/slave), to becoming completely ubiquitous – a point that is called Digital Singularity. Join this interactive fireside chat with two industry leaders to get a view into the journey towards Digital Singularity that lies ahead.

Led by Anupam Govil, Partner, Avasant and Rhonda Vetere, former CTO, Estee Lauder, President, nThrive


September 19, 2018


300 Madison Avenue
New York City, NY

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