Avasant Digital Forum:

Driving HR Transformation For A Recession-Proof Enterprise

Over the past three years, the HR function has taken a series of body blows. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed workers out of the office, and many of them do not want to return. The Great Resignation has stripped companies of much-needed institutional memory. Rising inflation is making talent more expensive than ever, with employees on the lookout for new and better opportunities. Some of those who stay are becoming disengaged, doing no more than the minimum required.

If that were not enough, a worldwide recession is almost certain. Companies cannot afford to merely throw money at the problem. They need to rethink how they recruit and retain talent, even while facing the prospect of layoffs. In this digital forum, we will discuss:

· The role that the HR department needs to play in these uncertain times

· Using technology to identify, nurture, and retain employees

· Tracking employee goals and performance, while fostering employee engagement

· Automating routine activities to allow HR professionals to focus on higher value HR responsibilities