Executive Roundtable

Thursday, February 18, 2021

2:00 PM PST

    The pandemic is driving a shift towards an agile and extended enterprise enabled by software-defined networks. As more devices operate outside the corporate office and computing moves to the edge, networks must evolve and adapt. Driven by this urgency, organizations are accelerating Digital Transformation projects and moving more data to the Cloud, which requires low latency and configurable network capabilities. Moreover, cloud-first enterprise strategies have created new set of vulnerabilities in the network environment, further escalating the need for heightened network security.   

    In this roundtable featuring enterprise IT leaders, we invite you to discuss some of the foundational elements for Digital Transformation such as Next Gen Network and Cloud Computing. Share learnings, ideas and solutions to enable a secure and agile enterprise in the post COVID world.   

     Join the event to discuss:  

    • How to secure, optimize and right-size your network architecture for a cloud-first world that supports remote collaboration and a global digital workforce 
    • How to redefine service delivery and agility so you can face any new, fresh challenge with on-demand networks 
    • The importance of Zero-trust network access with consistent security policy across users, devices, sites and endpoints 
    • Achieving seamless cloud-to-cloud connectivity of workloads and data through public and private networks 

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    Avasant is a leading management consulting firm focused on translating the power of technology into realizable business strategies for the world’s largest corporations. Specializing in digital and IT transformation, sourcing advisory, global strategy, and governance services, Avasant prides itself on delivering high-value engagements through industry-focused innovation and flexible client-based solutions.

    Our seasoned professionals have an average of 20 years of industry-honed expertise, having conducted 1000+ engagements in over 50 countries. Avasant’s next generation consulting and advisory methods have made it the top-ranked firm in its class, with recognition from numerous organizations, including: Vault, NOA, IAOP, and Wall Street Journal.

    Avasant’s engagement in the global market has inspired a strong commitment to community and purpose. Avasant Foundation supports technology and skill development programs to create employment opportunities for youth across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America.

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    Tata Communications is a digital ecosystem enabler that powers today’s fast-growing digital economy. We enable the digital transformation of enterprises globally, including 300 of the Fortune 500. We carry around 30% of the world’s internet routes and connects businesses to 60% of the world’s cloud giants. We have been a part of the rich heritage of the internet in India. Over the last 25 years, enterprise-enabled services have been essential to the adoption of digital services in the country. Connectivity is an essential fabric of sustenance for the economy. We are committed to enabling Industry leaders in this New World of Communications™, with our unique promise of delivering secure connected digital experiences. In 2020, we announced the launch of ‘Secure Connected Digital Experience’ (SCDx), a proposition intended to meet this growing, worldwide demand for new ways of operating, which includes far higher levels of working from home, rising security risks, a shift to digital commerce, and more contactless experiences. It will help companies currently relying on short-term fixes by providing holistic, secure, enterprise-level digital solutions that address current challenges and are fit for the long term.

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