Incentives & Opportunities for Scaling the "Impact Sourcing" Sector: Full Report

Avasant’s Framework for Impact Sourcing (IS) Operations

Avasants Framework for Impact Sourcing - Incentives & Opportunities for Scaling the "Impact Sourcing" Sector: Full Report



Avasant carried out a comprehensive study with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation with the goal of providing recommendations for governments and industry to implement and scale Impact Sourcing based on global best practices that align policies and incentives to industry needs.

“Impact Sourcing has the effect of raising the spirits and dreams of individuals that have never had an opportunity to be part of the Global Economy. We hope that Avasant’s collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation on this project will yield poverty reduction, not just in emerging countries, but also in more developed economies.”

Kevin S. Parikh
Global CEO, Avasant and Chairman, Avasant Foundation

“Impact Sourcing provides an enormous opportunity for governments to harness the skills and talents of often marginalized populations, and put them to work in good sustainable jobs. The Rockefeller Foundation is proud to have funded this important report from Avasant. Identifying the right policies for governments to establish a thriving impact sourcing sector is integral to its success and ultimately in creating employment options for poor and vulnerable people.”

Eme Essien Lore
Interim Managing Director, The Rockefeller Foundation Africa

“For governments around the world, Impact Sourcing takes advantage of business imperatives to expand the supply of labor while simultaneously generating large-scale employment for poor and vulnerable people. With the endorsement and backing of governments, buyers and suppliers of IT services have an opportunity to implement a sustainable socially responsible sourcing model at an affordable price.”

Dr. Pradeep Mukherji
Avasant’s President & Managing Partner