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Nearshore’s 2012 Outlook: Trends & Challenges

Anupam Govil

Year 2012 for outsourcing industry will be shaped by  technological (cloud) and economic disruptions. Gauging by recession-affected market sentiments, most companies are unlikely to tinker with their current outsourcing strategy (new contracts, change service locations, etc). This would in turn limit new expansion opportunities at a global level. Please click here to view the article online on Nearshore Americas website.
With 2012 in full-swing, a critical look at what lies ahead for Nearshoring is in order. With a shaky global economy, and some forecasts calling for a sluggish year in IT and BPO sourcing, this is no time to be complacent. Whether it’s building solid skill sets, creating sufficient scale, matching client’s expectations, managing expansion, or doing business amidst social change and myopic political theater, providers have a lot to confront. We tapped some of the leading experts in the Nearshoring space for their answer to the burning question: What is the single biggest challenge you think the Nearshore outsourcing industry faces in 2012?
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