Kevin Parikh: Chairman and CEO, Avasant

Best Selling Author: Digital Singularity A Case for Humanity

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Kevin S. Parikh is the CEO and Chairman of the Avasant Group of companies and the Avasant Foundation, with operations in over 50 countries across the Americas, UK, EMEA and Asia. He is a modern visionary, best-selling author, and regularly speaks on topics of Globalization, Digitalization and Innovation.

Kevin founded Avasant, a leading management consulting firm, with the underlying mission of empowering people, businesses, communities, and countries to reach beyond the status quo and realize their potential to acquire new levels of success. An avid philanthropist, Kevin is dedicated to initiatives that support disadvantaged youth, women empowerment and sustainable development. Social entrepreneurship has been a key tenant and continuing theme throughout his career.

Having published numerous white papers and articles, and two books, Kevin is widely acknowledged as a global thought leader, futurist, and expert on digital business strategies, technological solutions, and business transformation. His books New Horizons of Business Process Outsourcing in Africa, Latin America & Caribbean, and Digital Singularity: A Case for Humanity have been written to further empower business professionals to navigate global landscapes in ever-changing digital marketplaces

“The Digital Age signals the onset of a new era of human creativity and innovation”

-Kevin S. Parikh, Digital Singularity


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Caribbean Calling: The Region Consolidates its Strengths in Business Process Outsourcing

The business process outsourcing (BPO) sector of the Caribbean grew at an average rate of 17% from 2010 to 2015. Increasingly, international BPO companies are tapping into a young, cost-effective workforce that speaks four different languages on top of their mother tongues.
Siliconindia September 2017 Cover - Kevin S. Parikh

Transforming Revolutionary Technologies Into Successful Business Strategies

Avasant featured in Siliconindia's September 2017 Cyber Security issue
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Driving Smart Governance in Uganda through the Innovation Center of Excellence (CoE)

Presentation at SCIS Asia 2017 showcasing Avasant’s (CoE) designed for Kampala, Uganda to support achievement of its Smart City & Governance goals.
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What Digital Transformation is Really For: Creating New Value

While a new digital toolkit can dramatically reduce the cost of human labor, to believe that is mostly what it is for is to largely miss the point.
IAOP RPA17 scaled - Kevin S. Parikh

Building the Automation Roadmap: Lessons Learned and Success Strategies

A panel of experts who have implemented Automation across their organization share lessons learned and success strategies leveraged during their journeys.
Toronto - Kevin S. Parikh

Simplifying Your IT Infrastructure with Intelligent Automation

Advances in AI are pushing the envelope of what machines can do in business and IT. However, organizations struggle to implement these capabilities.
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Innovation in Outsourcing Contracts

The digital revolution has changed the paradigms of global connectivity and customer empowerment. Enterprises are undertaking significant transformational exercises to become digitally relevant and create competitive differentiation.
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Healthcare Knowledge Management Analytics and Decision Making

The digital revolution has affected virtually every industry. The healthcare industry, being primarily information and research driven, is one of the largest generators of data. With so much information, medical staff face a shortage of time to perform their functions.

Digital Singularity

Kevin Digital Singularity - Kevin S. Parikh

Digital Singularity: A Case for Humanity shares Kevin S. Parikh’s unique application of insights to the emerging technologies that are creating new business and social imperatives for those operating in our increasingly global economy. He explores the requirements needed in our new digital ecosystem, and the future of successful businesses within it, to help companies and executives adapt, thrive, and target the right audiences moving forward.

Through the lens of Kevin Parikh, we’ll see that when all individuals have the same access, boundaryless communities supporting them, and a powerful virtual bullhorn giving them an equal voice to interact directly with the president and compete for work with corporate entities of any size, we’ll experience a new way of working, communicating, and living, together.


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13 Essential Facts About Biometric Tech Everyone Should Know - Kevin S. Parikh Featured in Forbes

"It doesn’t work like it does in the movies—no one is going to cut off your hand or steal your eyeball to break into your PC. However, one problem is error rates. Subtle errors in scanning can leave an authorized employee locked out of important work."
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Key Trends Shaping The Workforce Of The Future - Kevin S. Parikh Featured in Forbes

There has been a rapid shift toward remote work, innovation and automation, enabled by the ubiquity of technology and the digital economy. What will the future look like, and what does it mean for the workforce and youth of today?
kpforbes - Kevin S. Parikh

13 Big Changes 5G Will Bring To Businesses And Consumers In 2021 - Kevin S. Parikh Featured in Forbes

From wireless service commercials to news stories, the arrival of 5G has been trumpeted far and wide. But while everyone may know that access to 5G is spreading rapidly across the globe, those outside the tech industry may not know why it’s such a big deal.
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Avasant Featured in CIO Insight: Corporate Cybersecurity Defenses Outgunned by Cybercriminals

The stats are well known about the increasing volume of cyber attacks and the growing number of vulnerabilities. In the face of such an onslaught, you would expect organizations to be upping their game. But the opposite appears to be the case, according to research by Computer Economics, a division of Avasant Research.
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Avasant Featured in CIO Insight: Public Cloud Thrives During the Pandemic

Several analyst firms have recently released numbers and reports showing how well public cloud services have done during the pandemic. Enterprise Strategy Group reports that 84% of enterprises say they are already using more public cloud resources, or plan to use more of them in the near future as part of pandemic-inspired cost containment strategies. This finding is supported in Avasant’s Cloud Platforms 2020 RadarView report.
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16 Essential Things To Consider When Hiring An Outsourced Tech Partner - Kevin S. Parikh Featured in Forbes

While the tech industry tends to be more resilient in the face of recession than others, no industry is wholly immune from economic downturns
forbes article - Kevin S. Parikh

16 Steps Every Tech Professional Can Take To ‘Recession-Proof’ Their Career - Kevin S. Parikh Featured in Forbes

While the tech industry tends to be more resilient in the face of recession than others, no industry is wholly immune from economic downturns