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Avasant Successfully Engages in Development of 20-Year Tourism Master Plan for the Republic of Malawi

Los Angeles, CA | April 11, 2022

Avasant has successfully engaged and supported the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife in the Government of Malawi on the development of The Malawi National Tourism Investment Master Plan (2022-2042), which details a comprehensive tourism roadmap and investment strategy.

The Master Plan identifies the need for key tourism products and infrastructure development in Malawi, along with human resource capacity building and institutional strengthening, and ensures diversification in tourism experiences across wildlife, culture, adventure, marine, MICE & Ecotourism. Developed over a 30-month period, through detailed analysis of community needs, economic potential, environmental sustainability, and validations from a wide cross-section of stakeholders, the plan outlines several priority items for rollout by the Malawi government.

Effective execution of the Master Plan is anticipated to generate equitable tourism investment and economic growth across ten (10) districts in Malawi. The 100+ national projects identified in the Master Plan are predicted to drive a higher level of domestic and international tourism over the next twenty (20) years. Ten (10) priority projects have been earmarked for execution within the first decade and are expected to generate 228 Million Euros in revenue. The Government of Malawi intends to promote the projects in both local and foreign markets and will invite potential investors to develop the goals of the Master Plan through the adoption of a PPP model.

Malawi’s tourism industry contributes 7.5% of the country’s national GDP. Recognizing the economic growth and job creation potential of the industry, the Government of Malawi intends to target significant growth in the sector by creating an enabling environment through investments in digital technologies. It is expected that this will improve the service delivery experience in the tourism sector and enhance capacity development of infrastructure and human resources.

The outcome of this landmark initiative was announced by the President of Malawi at the official launch ceremony on Monday 4th April 2022. According to His Excellency President Dr. Lazarus M. Chakwera, “Tourism development is one of the primary drivers of economic development for it is encompassed in the urbanization thrust within the Malawi 2063. It should therefore be given the attention it deserves by our policymaking apparatus.”

Avasant’s Engagement Partner, Dr. Pradeep K. Mukherji, who was closely involved in the project, expressed his sentiments on the potential outcome of the engagement, describing it as “a visionary initiative of the Government of Malawi represented by the Ministry of Tourism & Culture for sustainable economic growth of the economy. Given the high potential for employment, this master plan will help grow the GDP and GNI of the country”. He added that, “in spite of the prevailing pandemic situation during a significant part of the engagement, the success of the initiative underlined the evolving maturity of digital communication technology, which allowed seamless coordination and consultation with stakeholders and GIS tools allowed very detailed mapping of tourist locational details even from remote locations”.

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