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Avasant To Host Southern California Executive Leadership Briefing

Los Angeles (October 22, 2008) - The current economic landscape has prompted the executives of many leading companies to scrutinize their balance sheets and security programs as the landscape for year-over-year revenue growth and regulatory compliance continues to shift. In a recent interview, Avasant CEO Kevin Parikh discussed the impact of the current financial crisis, "Companies are looking for immediate cost savings. The credit issue has restricted their ability to invest and grow, and as a result of credit market restrictions, they're going to be looking to drive savings. These companies will need to generate savings in such a way that they can continue normal corporate investment in operations, and therefore strategic ITO & BPO sourcing will be key objectives." While companies continue to look for savings, John Mooney, Strategic Development Manager for Konica Minolta Danka Imaging's Southern California region points out the immediate risk of achieving cost savings goals while sacrificing basic security protocols, "While the IT departments of many organizations have finally agreed upon technology convergence, internal business documents and customer data are largely overlooked and under-protected when it comes to document management which can lead to potentially disastrous consequences." Avasant is working with Konica to investigate the usefulness of Konica's Security technology in creating a Data Privacy Compliance strategy to comply with global privacy laws and regulations while achieving significant cost savings targets. Avasant has already implemented this Konica technology for use with its clients. These pressing issues and other current business trends will be discussed on Thursday, October 30th at an executive dinner at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California entitled "The Southern California Leadership Dinner: Navigating the Shifting Landscape". With guest speakers including Public Policy Expert on Technology and Cyber Security Kevin McDonald, award-winning CIO and Six Sigma Champion Randy Miller and Harvey Cabrera IT Vice President and author of "Ten Vital Lessons for Good Business" the Southern California Leadership Dinner is an important event that no Executive Officer can afford to miss. ABOUT AVASANT Avasant (formerly Stradling Global Sourcing) is a next generation sourcing consulting company concentrating on tailor-made solutions for organizations that may already be in sourcing contracts for the delivery of IT services or business and knowledge processes and for those who are considering sourcing to meet their strategic globalization needs. Our team of sourcing experts has extensive experience in helping both commercial and governmental organizations keep pace with rapidly changing requirements through the strategic use of outsourcing. At the heart of our process is aligning a sourcing strategy with enterprise objectives, executing a rigorous transaction while managing relationships to meet stated goals. Avasant has built speed of response and flexibility into an industry-honed process designed to differentiate itself from other sourcing advisors whose leverage standard solutions that may not address the custom needs of all clients in a dynamic marketplace. ABOUT KONICA MINOLTA DANKA IMAGING Konica Minolta Danka Imaging, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Konica Minolta Group, is one the of the largest providers of office systems, production print systems, network printer application solutions and services in the United States. As a 'Company of Experts' Konica Minolta Danka Imaging provides their clients with technically astute, forward-thinking representatives who are confident of their place in, and impact on their customer's technology. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida with offices nationally, their Irvine based Southern Regional office oversees operations in eight states. Visit Konica Minolta Danka Imaging on the Web at ABOUT THE BOWERS MUSEUM The Bowers Museum is one of 750 museums in America accredited by the American Association of Museums, and is the only museum in the United States to partner with the British Museum. It has on display permanent collections of Central American native artifacts and paintings of local, Californian scenes. It also has a temporary exhibition space, a courtyard, a children's museum section, and a restaurant. The name comes from Charles Bowers, a late 1800s Orange County land developer, who donated the land on which the museum stands. The building was constructed in 1931, after the death of Ada Bowers(Charles's wife) left the property unoccupied. The new building remained empty for 4 years after, as the Great Depression prevented the city of Santa Ana from paying for any operating funds. The buildings have been substantially expanded from the original construction in 1931. The old construction now contains only the permanent collection. The first additional construction happened in 1974. More major construction occurred in the years 1988-1992, adding on 52,000 sq. ft, and forming the current layout of the museum. For further information or to inquire about attending please contact: Shevy Magen Vice President of Business Development John Mooney Strategic Development Manager