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  • Technology Trends - Wireless Networking in the Enterprise

    Wireless Networking in the Enterprise

    Wireless networks, more commonly referred to as Wi-Fi, are increasing both in quantity and performance. Selecting an effective approach for installing Wi-Fi within your company requires first understanding the options available and the trade-offs inherent in each. Wi-Fi remains an emerging technology, and some of the fundamental protocols are still under development. This immaturity does not necessarily imply great risk in developing a wireless network, but it does signal the need for caution in making choices.   Click here to purchase. - $125 (USD)

    June, 2004

  • Technology Trends - Economic Realities of Wireless LANs (2Q03)

    Economic Realities of Wireless LANs (2Q03)

    Planning for the inevitable introduction of WLANs into your organization, if they are not already there, is much better than allowing a hodgepodge to develop. The two major concerns for managers in regard to WLANs are data capacity and security. Consideration of WLANs today should be limited to those defined by the 802.11 family of specifications.

    May, 2003