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  • IT Best Practices - Application Consolidation: Adoption Trends and Benefits

    Application Consolidation: Adoption Trends and Benefits

    Although consolidation of multiple applications or multiple system instances into a single system can be a great undertaking, the resulting benefits can be huge. This study investigates the payoffs and risks associated with application consolidation, which is based on our survey of more than 200 IT organizations. We provide statistics on the adoption rate for application consolidation along with the percentage of organizations that experience positive or negative return on investment (ROI). Analysis of  application consolidation cost experiences are also included along with the quantitative effect that application consolidation has on IT budgets. The report concludes with  practical guidelines for application consolidation that mitigate the risks of the effort. (6 pp., 8 figs.)[Executive Summary]

    November, 2007

  • IT Best Practices - COBOL Migration Case Study

    COBOL Migration Case Study

    Like many companies, Kelley-Clarke Seafood of San Diego, CA was struggling with an aging infrastructure and hundreds of thousands of lines of COBOL that represented their entire application portfolio. Facing a major migration, Kelley-Clarke evaluated their options and chose a path that would minimize costs and disruption but still allow them to migrate to a 21 century infrastructure.

    July, 2003