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  • PrimaryImage Cybersecurity Services 2022 - Cybersecurity Services 2022 RadarView™

    Cybersecurity Services 2022 RadarView™

    The Cybersecurity Services 2022 RadarView™ is designed to inform enterprises about best practices in this space and provide a relatively granular understanding of key service providers. It provides a 360-degree view of key cybersecurity services providers across practice maturity, partner ecosystem, and investments and innovation, thereby supporting enterprises in identifying the right cybersecurity services partner. The 85-page report also highlights top market trends in the cybersecurity space and Avasant’s viewpoint.

    April, 2022

  • Research Bytes - Expectations About Cyberattacks (Aug 2002)

    Expectations About Cyberattacks (Aug 2002)

    Computer Economics developed and conducted a survey on IT security perceptions, awareness, and practices during May and June of 2002. One finding is that considerably more people think that large-scale cyberattacks will be launched by terrorists than by a military.

    August, 2002