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  • Research Bytes - DBA Outsourcing Not Widely Embraced but May Become Strategic

    DBA Outsourcing Not Widely Embraced but May Become Strategic

    Although the DBA function is not often a target for outsourcing, it may become more popular in the future as databases grow and DBA skills are increasingly in short supply. This Research Byte, an extract from our full report, analyzes current trends in database administration outsourcing.

    July, 2010

  • IT Best Practices - Moving Data in the Enterprise

    Moving Data in the Enterprise

    Capturing changes to business data and propagating those changes to other repositories is fundamental to a broad range of technology and business issues. It is key to customer relationship management (CRM) and single view of customer applications, data warehouse deployments, and to business continuity and disaster recovery scenarios. Similarly, there are numerous ways to move data between enterprise applications and data stores. This article looks closely at data movement technology and its application versus some of the alternatives such as ETL and EAI. Clearly, all these technologies come under the category of integration, which is key to solving many business problems today. Click here to purchase. - $95

    November, 2004

  • IT Best Practices - How Does Data Quality Affect Your Business?

    How Does Data Quality Affect Your Business?

    As IT professionals, our first introduction to the notion of data quality was the adage: "garbage in, garbage out." But, today, the data quality equation is much more complicated than this. Today, data is vital to the business. Data is key to making decisions at all levels, negotiating with suppliers, solving problems, complying with government regulations, and many other facets of operating an enterprise. This article reveals some of the key sources of data quality issues and how you can resolve them.   Click here to purchase. - $125

    October, 2004

  • Technology Trends - Does Your Business Need a Data Warehouse?

    Does Your Business Need a Data Warehouse?

    Business managers have long struggled to have the right information to make the right business decision at the right moment. In fact, many of today’s household retail names—Starbucks, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Home Depot—attribute their ability to understand customer behavior and respond quickly to changes in buying patterns to their data warehouse deployments. You can’t get the global view of the business that you need to make decisions from transactional systems. Click here to purchase. - $195 (USD)

    February, 2004