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  • Technology Trends - Software-Defined Networking Adoption Trends and Customer Experience

    Software-Defined Networking Adoption Trends and Customer Experience

    Software-defined networking (SDN) continues the trend of virtualizing everything in the data center. Server, storage, and desktop virtualization might be more accepted and mature, but SDN completes a puzzle that allows for an efficient, automated data center that can be quickly reconfigured. This study quantifies the current adoption and investment trends for SDN as well as the benefits driving companies to expand their SDN implementations. We assess these trends by organization size, sector, and geography. We look at the ROI and TCO experiences of adopters along with current investment levels. We conclude with practical advice for planning new investments in SDN. (18 pp., 9 fig.) [Research Byte]

    March, 2017

  • Technology Trends - Recession No Barrier to Adoption of Network Automation Tools

    Recession No Barrier to Adoption of Network Automation Tools

    For many organizations the counts of routers, switches, and other network devices number in the thousands. Manual deployment is labor-intensive, costly, error-prone, and difficult to manage. In this study, we examine adoption trends for network support automation tools by organization size and sector. We also break down the key functions that network automation tools provide, as defined by the leading network management software vendors. (6 pp., 5 figs.)[Executive Summary]

    February, 2009

  • Technology Trends - Economic Realities of Networking

    Economic Realities of Networking

    The health of organizational information systems rest on the soundness of the underlying network infrastructures. Consequently, the economics of IT are closely tied to the cost effectiveness being realized from the networks. Too often network infrastructure cost is ignored because it is mostly hidden from the view of the users, but IT managers, however, should not fall into this trap. Understanding the dynamics of network economics in the real world will better prepare managers to make sound business decisions.

    October, 2004

  • Technology Trends - Wireless Networking in the Enterprise

    Wireless Networking in the Enterprise

    Wireless networks, more commonly referred to as Wi-Fi, are increasing both in quantity and performance. Selecting an effective approach for installing Wi-Fi within your company requires first understanding the options available and the trade-offs inherent in each. Wi-Fi remains an emerging technology, and some of the fundamental protocols are still under development. This immaturity does not necessarily imply great risk in developing a wireless network, but it does signal the need for caution in making choices.   Click here to purchase. - $125 (USD)

    June, 2004