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  • PrimaryImage1 Digital Masters 2023 RadarView - Digital Masters 2023 RadarView™

    Digital Masters 2023 RadarView™

    The Digital Masters 2023 RadarView™ assists organizations in identifying strategic partners for their digital transformation initiatives by offering detailed profiles for each service provider. It provides a 360-degree view of the provider’s capabilities and market standings in individual technology prerequisites, hyperconvergence of technologies, and readiness for the future, along with a list of representative clients and brief client case studies. The 60-page report also provides our business forecasts for each Digital Master and Avasant’s viewpoint on them.

    August, 2023

  • Digital Masters 2023 - Digital Masters 2023 Market Insights™

    Digital Masters 2023 Market Insights™

    The Digital Masters 2023 Market Insights™ assists organizations in identifying important trends related to enterprise digital technology adoption and the role of hyperconvergence. It also highlights the current landscape of generative AI, the key players, recent developments, and trends.

    August, 2023

  • Moneyshot Digital Masters 2023 Market Insights - Digital Masters: Balancing Cost Optimization with Innovation through Hyperconvergence

    Digital Masters: Balancing Cost Optimization with Innovation through Hyperconvergence

    The global economy is showing signs of resilience. However, although the overall economic outlook appears positive in the near future, it remains challenging in the medium term. As a result, enterprises are enhancing their focus on cost rationalization and turning to a zero-cost transformation strategy to drive and safeguard their digital transformation initiatives. In this transformation, cybersecurity also plays a crucial role as organizations prioritize post-pandemic network security. With the need to balance cost optimization with the innovation and growth narrative, enterprises realize the value of hyperconvergence of digital technologies, wherein service providers help them overcome implementational, technological, and talent-related challenges. Both demand-side and supply-side trends are covered in our Digital Masters 2023 Market Insights™, and our Digital Masters 2023 RadarView™ provides crucial business forecasts for each of the Digital Masters.

    August, 2023