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  • Moneyshot Digital Masters 2022 - Sustainability and Digital Workplace Take Precedence for Enterprises

    Sustainability and Digital Workplace Take Precedence for Enterprises

    As organizations emerge from the pandemic, an increase in employee attrition and economic uncertainty is hindering their growth. In addition, the Russia–Ukraine war has disrupted global supply chains and increased the likelihood of cyber threats. Progressive organizations are tackling these challenges, in part, through the adoption of digital technologies. They are also working to incorporate sustainability into their operations to improve profit margins, enhance their brands, future-proof their investments, and manage adversity.

    August, 2022

  • PrimaryImage Digital Masters 2022 - Digital Masters 2022 RadarView™

    Digital Masters 2022 RadarView™

    The Digital Masters 2022 RadarView™ addresses the need for enterprises to understand the current landscape for adopting digital technologies. The report helps them identify implementation services providers best suited for executing transformation initiatives by supplying granular insights for each provider.The 88-page report also provides our point of view on how enterprises have changed the way they look at technology, outsourcing, and reprioritizing their digital investments.

    August, 2022