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  • Technology Trends - Service-Oriented Architecture: Adoption Trends in 2007

    Service-Oriented Architecture: Adoption Trends in 2007

    Although the promises of service-oriented architecture (SOA) are great, nearly half of all organizations have taken no steps toward adopting the technology, not even preliminary research. Based on a 2006 survey of nearly 200 senior IT executives, this article analyzes trends in SOA adoption by organization size and industry sector. It discusses the categories of SOA adoption and the reasons why SOA is being deployed more rapidly in certain types of firms. It also provides recommendations for maximizing the benefits of this technology for end-user organizations and IT service providers in light of these findings. (5 pp., 5 figs.)[Executive Summary]

    February, 2007

  • Technology Trends - Implementing a Service-Oriented Architecture

    Implementing a Service-Oriented Architecture

    In its fullest context, a service oriented architecture (SOA) requires rethinking and redefining business processes, and the software applications that support them, in terms of "services." Therefore, it is impossible for most organizations to implement SOA quickly. This report provides a basic overview of SOA, its advantages and disadvantages, and practical recommendations for implementing SOA in an incremental fashion. [Executive Summary]

    November, 2005