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  • Technology Trends - Does On-Demand Computing Deliver?

    Does On-Demand Computing Deliver?

    The option of being able to pay for computing services only to the level necessary to support on-going business activities is an attractive one. The potential savings of the technology can make it effective in many organizations. Not having to pay for idle computing resources saves money for more productive purposes. The experience of early adopters has been encouraging and points toward opportunities for IT managers to introduce new computing economies into their organizations. Click here to purchase. - $125

    October, 2004

  • Technology Trends - An Assessment of Hewlett-Packard One Year After the Merger (3Q03)

    An Assessment of Hewlett-Packard One Year After the Merger (3Q03)

    A year after HP’s acquisition of Compaq, some of the consequences of the merger are beginning to become apparent. HP’s sales during 2002 were a credible threat to IBM’s dominance of the market, but HP lags far behind in profit margin. Part of the reason for HP’s poorer profitability is tied to difficulties in aligning products and personnel.

    July, 2003