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  • Technology Trends - The 2005 Database Perspective

    The 2005 Database Perspective

    Next year promises to provide improvement in the lives of overworked database administrators (DBAs) along with more challenges in the forms of security threats, new licensing schemes, and more complex products. In general, database vendors are responding to customer requirements by revising their software to make the software easier to administer, faster to recover from errors, and simpler to use. The recently conducted Computer Economics Information Systems Spending and Technology Trends survey shows that the potential for databases in 2005 is better than several other types of software.

    December, 2004

  • IT Best Practices - Proof of Concept Evaluates Secure Internet Customer Services (1Q03)

    Proof of Concept Evaluates Secure Internet Customer Services (1Q03)

    The Social Security Administration recently completed proof of concept testing of a number of technologies aimed at reducing its workload and enhancing efficiency of handling customer transactions.  The project was successful in showing that existing technologies could ensure secure access, protect data, and shield the privacy of CRM information.  The interoperability of applications run on hardware from multiple vendors and several software applications was an important result of this proof of concept. 

    February, 2003