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  • IT Staffing - Current Trends in Telecommuting Among IT Workers

    Current Trends in Telecommuting Among IT Workers

    Telecommuting is a growing practice across most industries. In this study, based on a special survey of IT managers, we first assess the extent of telecommuting within IT organizations today. We examine adoption levels by stages to gauge the future trend, the year-over-year growth, and the percentage of IT workers telecommuting at various frequencies. Next, we assess how IT managers rate the importance of telecommuting for recruitment and retention and their views of the advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting. Finally, we compare turnover rates of organizations that have strong telecommuting policies with those that do not. We conclude with recommendations for telecommuting policies, based on these findings. (7 pp., 10 figs.) [Executive Summary]

    September, 2008

  • IT Staffing - Telecommuting on the Rise in NYC Area

    Telecommuting on the Rise in NYC Area

    A survey by the New York Times Job Market found that both job seekers and hiring managers in the New York metropolitan area see telecommuting as a growing trend. One in five hiring managers (19%) say their company allows telecommuting. However, more than one-third of hiring managers (35%) expect more telecommuters in the workforce one year from now. "Because of September 11, they're asking for it more than ever, because of safety concerns," says one hiring manager.

    September, 2002