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  • IT Staffing - Current Trends in the Use of IT Contract Workers

    Current Trends in the Use of IT Contract Workers

    Managing a contract IT workforce is made easier by staffing agencies and vendor management systems, but IT managers must first determine the proper balance between full-time IT employees and temporary help. In this study, we examine the typical use of contract workers as a percentage of the IT staff by organization size and sector. We also examine the four-year trend between 2006 and 2009 to discover how this ratio has changed in light of the economic recession. Further, we examine how the aggressive use of temporary employees relates to staff growth and turnover. The report concludes with our view on current and future trends in contract labor use. (12 pp., 7 figs.)[Research Byte]

    February, 2010

  • IT Staffing - Factors Influencing IT Employee Turnover Rates

    Factors Influencing IT Employee Turnover Rates

    Because it is generally less expensive to retain good employees than find new ones, lowering turnover rates is a good strategy for reducing IT personnel expenses. In this study, we examine current trends in turnover rates and provide benchmarks for turnover by organization size. We then examine 11 factors commonly believed to influence employee retention, specifically: education and training opportunities, flexible schedules, work environment, social environment, incentive pay/bonuses, base salaries, insurance benefits, employee recognition programs, paid time off, retirement programs, and telecommuting opportunities. We assess how IT executives rank the importance of these factors, and we measure the impact of each factor on actual turnover rates. We conclude with recommendations on how organizations can most cost-effectively reduce turnover. (7 pp., 9 figs.)[Executive Summary]

    August, 2008