IBM recognized as a Leader in Avasant’s Digital Masters RadarView™ Report

Among endless service provider options, novel and disruptive mechanics in innovation brings recognition as a Leader in Avasant’s Digital Masters RadarView™ Report 2019.

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Digital Pre-Requisites

  • IBM has been heavily involved in industry building, particularly those in the tech prerequisites. For example, it developed the initial code for the Hyperledger blockchain platform and donated it to the consortium. It was also the earliest proponent of, and R&D investor in, the Watson AI platform.
  • It continues to work directly, in partnerships or as member of industry bodies and consortiums, to continue to expand the core technologies, develop industry standards and establish new use cases across all the tech prerequisite industries.
  • Initially, it focused on just using just IBM products and services, but it has clearly understood that the rules of the economy has evolved into a more collaborative environment. Consequently, a number of its own products and services now integrate very well with other products, protocols and technologies.
  • It has extensive technical capabilities in all tech prerequisites and has also been involved in several marquee implementations, which formed the basis of understanding for how these technologies could be used by enterprises.
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Digital Convergence

  • IBM has been an early proponent of developing solutions that span various technologies. Nearly all use cases are built around the IBM cloud and the Watson platform, integrated with cybersecurity, intelligent automation, IoT analytics, and even blockchain solutions.
  • It is an established thought leader in the hyperconverged approach, evidenced by a number of groundbreaking pilot and production-grade implementations. IBM typically works with large enterprises and first develops a business solution through extensive joint design thinking exercises. Then, it brings its technology practices for joint solutioning. This consultative and collaborative approach allows for custom cutting-edge solutions.
  • IBM has facilitated disruptive digital transformation in several enterprises, and changed the success metrics from standard cost and efficiency to new-age values such as developing new revenue streams, leveraging untapped organizational data and fundamentally reimagining business processes.

Future Centricity

  • IBM’s R&D centers and pure research budgets form the core of its future-centricity. The technology space is evolving so rapidly that truly future-focused organizations need to identify and experiment with nascent technologies. IBM’s strong research engine will ensure that they continue to be involved with potentially groundbreaking technologies such as 5G, quantum computing, synthetic intelligence, etc.
  • Its new collaborative approach to working with a vast partner network, including erstwhile competitors, will help expand industries. For instance, IBM worked exclusively on Hyperledger. However, Ethereum and Hyperledger are now partnering to increase overall blockchain enterprise adoption.
  • IBM also realizes that having a vast developer community and trained resources in its own technologies will be crucial in sustaining enterprise adoption. It continues to invest in a large number of IBM certification programs and trainings.


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