Zero Cost Tranformation for Airport Reinvention

May, 2017


‘A blueprint for innovation, efficiency and growth without capital-intensive investment’

Innovations in technology have the potential to reinvent airports across critical dimensions of passenger experience, operations efficiency and revenue growth, and support the transformation of airports.
Historically, the potential for technology innovation to disrupt business operations and drive business value has been hampered by a legacy of wasteful, expensive, failed, and obsolete technology and service delivery models. The high cost of innovation, when combined with the increasing capital deficit, has limited the ability of airports to reinvent operations except when combined with major capital expansion projects.
To achieve long-term and sustainable innovation, efficiency and growth, airports will need to continuously innovate core business operations and modernize technologies, so as to reduce or eliminate large-scale investments in technology or business initiatives, deliver tangible business results quickly, and sustain innovation regardless of economic cycle pressures.
How can this apparent contradiction between innovation and investment be reconciled?