Avasant Foundation Hosts First In-Person Graduation Ceremony in Guyana for Avasant Digital Skills Training (ADST) Program

Guyana Students Graduation  300x251 - Avasant Foundation Hosts First In-Person Graduation Ceremony in Guyana for Avasant Digital Skills Training (ADST) Program

Los Angeles, CA I August 26th, 2022

On August 17th, the Avasant Foundation held it’s first in-person graduation ceremony for the Avasant Digital Skills Training (ADST) in Guyana, a program curated to address the increasing demand for digital talent in that country. Launched amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the training funded by IDB Lab, the innovation laboratory of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), is geared towards bridging crucial knowledge gaps so that deserving Guyanese youth are adequately equipped to leverage their education and skills into sustainable job opportunities.

According to Executive Director of the Avasant Foundation, Chitra Rajeshwari, “I am delighted to say 240+ candidates have successfully graduated since we started the training amid Covid-19 in August of 2020, with 95% job placement. We’ve had 70% female participation; diversity and inclusion are integral to the program.”

Since inception, the Avasant Foundation has partnered with The University of Guyana for lectures and platform support. Speaking on behalf of the university, Vice Chancellor Professor Paloma Mohamed-Marten delivered remarks to the graduates, “The skills you are learning now will be indispensable to work, live, and for navigation, transmission, communication and every aspect of life.”

In his keynote, Avasant Global CEO and Chairman of the Avasant Foundation, Kevin S. Parikh, encouraged graduates to pursue their dreams, and advised that the greatest differentiator in today’s world of work is having in-demand skills. “You are entering the workplace at a point in time where everything is possible. Having the right skills will make the difference. You will be able to exercise and utilize these digital skills from anywhere in the world.”

The event was also attended by Dr. Marcel Hutson, CEO in Ministry of Education of the Government of Guyana, who expressed support for the work being done by Avasant Foundation, “As we attempt to move Guyana forward, we need partners like the Foundation to advance in the educational agenda. Foundations like yours are critical for transformation that we need to see globally.”

In her acknowledgement of the program’s impact and success, Lorena Solorzano Salazar, IDB’s Country Head, emphasized the importance of investing in opportunities for growth in developing countries such as Guyana. “We are pleased to recognize the excellent results of this program which has contributed to bridging the digital divide and the gender gap, while empowering and engaging the youth. The IDB’s Vision 2025 to accelerate recovery in the region prioritizes inclusive development and digital transformation, and this program has certainly delivered in this regard.”

About Avasant Digital Skills Training

In 2020, Avasant Foundation (AF), funded by IDB Lab, the innovation laboratory of the Inter-American Development Bank, sought to address the digital skills gap in Guyana. The Avasant Digital Skills training program (ADST) was launched amid Covid-19 in August 2020. The curriculum includes transversal, technical, and entrepreneurship skills to enable employment in both private and public sectors. The program focuses on building the digital talent pool and bridging the skills gap. The Entrepreneurship skills module teaches micro and small business owners’ digital skills to enhance and expand their businesses

About Avasant Foundation

The Avasant Foundation’s mission is to enable emerging regions to realize their potential. In partnership with leading foundations and institutional donor agencies, AF provides deserving youth access to skills training and education with the goal of job creation in the digital economy.

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