Building SMAC Strategies for Futuristic Organizations: The New Technology Foundation

Dr. Pradeep K. Mukherji & Rakesh Patro & Avinash Baliga

Disruptive technologies like social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) are ushering in revolutionary changes into how organizations compete and engage with stakeholders. Organizations are embracing SMAC as enablers for next generation business models that are simplistic and yet impactful for the world around us. In lieu of the same, it has become necessary for organizations to strategize SMAC adoption at the enterprise level and set themselves up for a dynamic transformation that is round the corner.
The current day market place has undergone a tremendous digital shift. The disruptive change brought forth by SMAC is at the forefront driving this shift. These drivers are influential enough to be touted as the next wave for the technology industry. This wave however is considered different in comparison to its predecessors. The previous IT waves were isolated and needed disruptions for setting in the new waves. SMAC technologies, however, plays the dual role of a disruptor as well as an enablers for the next generation. SMAC today represents the opportunity to revamp business processes enabling organizations to be more innovative in how they engage with customers and employees alike.

SMAC technologies are now monitoring the effectiveness of sales force, enabling HR department with employee engagement and retention, enabling greater collaboration in manufacturing in areas such as supply chain and inventory management. A case in point being Netflix, a pioneer in utilizing the power of SMAC in creating a disruptive innovation in customer experience. The movie/entertainment game-changer uses advanced analytics and elaborate algorithms to recommend films tailored to its audience. It then streams media from the cloud and allows consumers to view it seamlessly on multiple platforms such as television, tablets, mobiles etc. Post watching the movie, one has the option to share thoughts and reviews on the social graph amply demonstrating the power of integration of the SMAC technologies in transforming the customer experience.

The unique factor herein is that all of the SMAC components work together as an ecosystem. The collaborative features do not appear to be force fitted or “bolted on.” Instead, mobile capabilities drive even richer data collection that can be used to delve deeper into the cloud, engage social channels, and give customers increasingly integrated and personalized experiences.
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