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To survive and thrive in the 21st century, organizations must undergo digital transformation. But true transformation requires partnerships with the right technology product and services providers. With so many choices, how can enterprises identify the best digital solutions? Which service providers are best positioned to deliver those digital services? To answer these questions, we have developed our proprietary market assessments,  RadarView.

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Our RadarView market assessments are an independent evaluation of the true capabilities of technology product and service providers, helping clients evaluate them as potential long-term partners for their digital journeys. These market assessments span four key categories:

    • Digital Services
    • Digital Products
    • Industry Digital Services
    • Regional Digital Services

Our RadarView market assessments help organizations demystify the digital market landscape and identify those suppliers that are best positioned to help them achieve digital transformation. They help both technology buyers and suppliers find the answers to critical questions around each coverage area:

    • What is the market landscape?
    • What are the key differentiators between providers in this market?
    • Which providers are best positioned for success?
    • Which providers can serve clients across multiple coverage areas?
    • What does it take to become a leading provider?


Recent RadarView Publications


Select any RadarView to read the report summary or download sample pages, free.


Select any RadarView to read the report summary or download sample pages, free.

Upcoming Releases

Publication dates shown may vary, based on changing priorities.

# RadarView™ Title Theme Planned Release Date
1Utilities Digital Services​Industry & RegionalDecember 2022
2State & Local Government​​ Digital ServicesIndustry & RegionalDecember 2022
3F&A Outsourcing Services​Business Process Transformation​December 2022
4Digital Talent Capability​Digital Operations & Connectivity​December 2022
5Intelligent IT Ops Services​Automation & AI​December 2022
6Global Hire-to-Retire Business Process Transformation​Business Process Transformation​December 2022
7Blockchain Services​Digital Operations & Connectivity​December 2022
8SD-WAN Services​Digital Operations & Connectivity​December 2022
9Digital Commerce Services​Digital Operations & Connectivity​December 2022
10CPG Digital ServicesIndustry & RegionalDecember 2022
11GCC Region Digital Services​​Industry & RegionalDecember 2022
12SAP S/4HANA Services​Enterprise SolutionsDecember 2022
13Intelligent Automation Services​Automation & AI​December 2022
14Hybrid Enterprise Cloud Services​Cloud TransformationDecember 2022
15Engineering & Construction Digital Services Industry & RegionalDecember 2022


Research Methodology

Our assessment methodology is based on our proprietary Digital Maturity Framework, which measures technology product and service providers on the factors that are most critical to global organizations. The framework also encourages technology suppliers to become more innovative and customer-centric in their products and services.

The research methodology combines outreach to suppliers serving a given market, along with independent collection of market data. Comprehensive surveys and briefings with our analysts ensure that participating suppliers clearly represent their current capabilities and investments for the future. We supplement our research with analytics using proprietary metrics and client-side market checks, in addition to data points collected from our experience in client projects.

Our analysis is customized for each RadarView™ to ensure that we consider only the most relevant information for each coverage area:





Coverage Roadmap

Our RadarView 2022 agenda includes technology product and service themes as well as industry themes.

Technology themed RadarViews currently cover five categories of digital technologies: Digital Operations & Connectivity, Cloud Transformation, Enterprise Solutions, Risk & Governance, and Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

In addition, we will release our flagship Digital Masters RadarView, which includes analysis of six individual RadarViews combining Applied AI and Advanced Analytics Services, Blockchain Services, Cybersecurity Services, Hybrid Enterprise Cloud Services, Intelligent Automation Services, and Internet of Things Services.


image002 - RadarView™


Avasant’s research agenda also provides market-leading coverage of all major industries and several crucial client geographies

10 New Industry and Regional Themed RadarViews™ in 2022-2023

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