The Avasant Foundation in collaboration with the Inter – American Development Bank Labs is piloting the “Digital Skills and Employment Opportunities for the Displaced Workforce in The Bahamas”. The program aims to supporting national objectives around digital economy, by assisting the recovery and transformation of its labor force. Avasant Foundation (AF) will help develop the digital capabilities of the country’s human capital ensuring they are adequately equipped with the skills necessary to thrive in the digital age and meet the digital talent requirements of business enterprises.

The Bahamas, Digital skills and Employment Opportunities for the Displaced workers will prepare approximately 500 displaced and unemployed and underemployed Bahamians affected by the latest natural disasters and the Covid-19 Pandemic. The program will equip the participants with critical soft and technical skills to succeed in the digital and knowledge-based economy and support the growth and sustainability of the national labor market based on The Bahamas’ sectoral trends and projections. The training program will promote gender equality and empowerment of young women with quality education and encouragement of women centric startups and entrepreneurs.

The intervention which began in June 2021 is structured to deliver industry relevant skills that will help local companies in The Bahamas to compete and expand. The Digital Skills Training Program has been delivered in conjunction with the University of The Bahamas which will support the promotion and dissemination of knowledge of digital skills and its application to improve the quality of life and to equip men and women with skills and attitudes to attain professional success.

The Bahamas, Re-Tooling and Up-Skilling program is a virtual web-based training which uses a synchronous learning approach- involves instructors and learners communicating at the same time. This program has been exclusively created for The Bahamas based of an exhausted Labor Market Need Analysis.

Avasant Foundation has designed a proprietary courseware available on our online learning portal and virtual classrooms to allow participants to review class material and activities anytime and anywhere. Thus, candidates can retain the opportunity to build valuable life and professional skills.

The scholarship includes training in both soft skills and technical skills in several areas including:

Soft skills

• Communication, Sales, and Marketing

• Customer Service

Digital Skills

• Fundamentals of Digital Skills

• Office 365

• Project Management

• Agile

• Data Analytics

What are the Requirements to Apply?
• Minimum 5 Years of work experience
• High School Certificate
• Basic Computer Literacy
• Access to Computer
• Access to Internet


Cohorts 3 Training will Begin October 4, 2021. Interviews from: September 20th – 30th, 2021.