Avasant Copilot

Instant Research Insights With Advanced Generative AI Platform

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What Is Avasant Copilot?​

Avasant Copilot allows subscribers to explore Avasant’s complete repository of research insights via a Gen AI Interface.​

An indispensable offering for industry professionals seeking data-driven insights​

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Vast Data

Access to entire library of Avasant Research spanning Spending and Staffing Metrics, Market Assessments, and many more.​

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Purposefully Built

For business and technology services sourcing, leveraging Avasant’s deep experience of identifying transformation opportunities for clients.​

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Most Advanced

A Generative AI front end powered by latest and most advanced LLM models.​

What Makes Avasant Copilot So Special?​

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Scan thousands of pages of Avasant Research in mere seconds​

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Intelligent Insights

Analytics and data-driven capabilities deliver actionable insights​

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Accurate and Trustworthy

Responses are based on Avasant research and backed by citations and references​

Harness the boundless potential of Avasant Copilot to derive insights​

“Bringing a Gen AI interface to access the past 15 years of our Research not only provides additional value to our subscribers, but raises the bar for the research industry as a whole.”
Akshay Khanna, Managing Partner at Avasant

Market Trends Analysis

Accelerate problem-solving, boost productivity, and empower your team to make informed decisions through intelligent, context-aware conversational capabilities. Provide in-depth analysis of market trends and emerging patterns extracted from proprietary reports, helping clients stay ahead of the curve. ​

Transform your applications into conversational powerhouses with the Avasant Copilot API​

Access the knowledge using Avasant APIs​

Leverage Avasant APIs to integrate directly with your Knowledge Management Platform empowering users with access to insights at their fingertips.​

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