A Guide to Healthcare’s Evolving Platform Market in Partnership with Infosys

July, 2022


Avasant Digital Forum in Partnership with Infosys

A Guide to Healthcare’s Evolving Platform Market: Creating Value Through Transformation

Insurance payors handle dozens of information intensive business processes requiring access to sensitive data and governed by complex regulation. They must interact with disparate systems run by a variety of stakeholders, while also attempting to provide a positive customer experience in an industry that is often perceived as Byzantine and inhumane.

Once a platform is selected, the most daunting task begins—transformation. Business processes, data management, and care strategies are all impacted by the platform decision. Simply managing the rate of change can be daunting. Taking the right approach can set an enterprise up for success or failure. Healthcare leaders with experience driving positive change and making the most of new platforms will discuss their personal lessons from the front lines.

  • Planning a transformation logically around business processes
  • Process transformation including claims processing, adjudication, billing, dealing with multiple insurance models, and handling multiple markets including government, commercial, and individual
  • Managing data to make better decisions
  • Managing change and providing value for the new platform
  • Understanding the evolving value proposition as these platforms mature