WHY CHOOSE AVASANT FOR Technology & Telecommunications Consulting?


Consumer and enterprise consumption of bandwidth has exponentially increased, requiring telecommunications operators to invest billions in infrastructure to keep up with demand. At the same time, over-the-top players make services available to consumers and enterprises without sharing revenues with telecommunications operators. This makes it more challenging for telecommunications operators to cope with the exponential increase in infrastructure costs while not seeing a proportionate increase in revenues. As a result, many of our clients have embarked on multi-year transformational programs to optimize their operations, rethink infrastructure management and ownership, and experiment with new business models.

Avasant helps companies in the High Tech and Telecommunications sectors in four areas: revenue acceleration, strategic cost optimization, digital and IT transformation, and business strategy. As the lines between software, hardware, and service companies are blurring, enterprise customers increasingly look for managed solutions that can be deployed on a zero-cost basis, requiring companies embrace new business models to sell more than just a software or hardware product. Some industry leaders build internal capabilities to deliver managed solutions, while others strike creative partnerships with services providers to augment their go-to-market offerings. Our solutions are customized and transformative, focusing on how each client seeks to revitalize their methods of doing business in the digital age.

Technology & Telecommunications CLIENT CASE STUDY

Online media is reinventing how we consume. Traditional cable and satellite providers are quickly losing traction; they need to adjust to new operational models and cut costs to compete. Avasant worked alongside a global telecommunications company motivated to enhance their offerings through digital technologies. We recommended implementing a technology service deck that would decrease operational costs, and create a more efficient customer experience. Traditional providers have a unique opportunity to leverage technology offerings to free up investment capital and stay relevant.

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