Manufacturing and wholesale distribution companies continue to face many operational and logistical challenges as they compete in a competitive global marketplace. Costs, such as energy and transportation, impact efficiency and profitability. They must maintain large distribution networks across state and international borders, driving companies to remain adept in ever-changing and complex regulations. Manufacturing entities must upgrade their operational platforms to remain competitive and reduce costs. The use of automation provides a method for promoting productivity and efficiency. This can require large capital spend upfront to upgrade facility capabilities and changes to labor processes, as well as tools to adequately manage contracts with Service Providers and assess best practices when modernizing manufacturing facilities.

As one of the leading management consulting firms in the United States, we have a dedicated and experienced practice that can provide expertise in business process improvement, supply chain optimization, and inventory management. We recommend our clients consider different sourcing models, providers, and digital technologies that reduce costs, streamline processes, and align with overall business strategy. Our team of experts are able to provide a strategic roadmap for integrating market trends and digital technologies to improve the functionality of processes.



Retail and manufacturing companies are only as relevant as their best communication strategies. As a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products globally, our client’s business model is complex in nature. Our client’s disaggregated lines of business created additional problems and, most importantly, diluted their brand identity. Avasant’s provided our client with the tools to reimagine their offerings and aggregate their holdings in a manner that would better serve their internal processes and customer base. The consolidation of multiple retail product businesses, revenue streams, and regions into a single e-commerce experience led to drastic cost savings in supply chain management and improved customer experience. Within this saturated market, simplicity is a necessity.

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