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IT Spending, Staffing, and Salary Reports

Since 1990, our metrics for IT spending, staffing, and salaries have been the leading source for IT benchmarking studies for commercial and governmental organizations around the world.


This annual study of 38 chapters provides IT spending and staffing metrics by industry sector and organization size for businesses and governmental organizations.

This report is based on our in-depth, annual survey of over 210 IT organizations.

Industry sectors include financial services, manufacturing, high-tech, retail, wholesale distribution, energy and utilities, healthcare, professional and technical services, transportation, construction/trade services, government, and nonprofit. Individual chapters for even more narrow industry subsectors are also provided, including various types of commercial and public sector organizations.

Read a detailed description, download Chapter 1 (free), or access all chapters of IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks

We also offer a European companion study


This special publication bundles the entire collection of our reports on IT staffing ratios. The IT functions covered include IT management and administration, project management, help desk, desktop support, business analysts, server support, network support, application developers, DevOps engineer, ERP support, database administration, data management, IT quality assurance, IT security, web/e-commerce, and communication systems. This special collection is a valuable source of information for IT executives interested in benchmarking their staffing levels with those of similar organizations.

Read a detailed description, download a free sample, or access the full report of IT Staffing Ratios: Benchmarking Metrics and Analysis for 16 Key IT Job Functions

IT Security and Cybersecurity Spending Benchmarks

Security and cybersecurity incidents are costly, with losses increasing every year. No wonder, then, that our research shows IT security and cybersecurity are the top priority for new IT investments year after year. But how much is enough?

Although investments in security should be based on a risk assessment, knowing what others in your industry are spending can provide an important baseline.

To answer this question, we have released a new report to provide key budgetary metrics for security and cybersecurity.

Read detailed description and download a free sample

Access or buy the full report


Our IT Salary Report provides salary ranges for 82 specific IT job positions. The salary tables, in a searchable Excel workbook, provide base salaries plus bonus pay for more than 400 US metropolitan areas and 20 industry sectors.

The report is based on our annual survey of representative IT organizations on median salaries and bonuses paid to their IT professionals. We then draw on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) compensation data along with other sources of pay data to produce our results. The study also includes job definitions for each position covered.

Download the IT Salary Report, or download the introduction and sample salaries

Generative AI Strategy, Spending, and Adoption Metrics

This study of eight chapters provides metrics on how much enterprises are spending on generative AI, where they are spending it, and how they are governing it. The study provides chapters featuring the same data for six industry sectors complete with specific use cases for those industries.

This report is based on our in-depth survey of nearly 200 IT organizations.

Industry sectors include manufacturing; retail; banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI); healthcare; professional services; transportation; and IT services and solutions.

Read a detailed description, download Chapter 1 (free), or access all chapters.


At the end of each year, we publish our forecast for IT spending for the coming year, based on a special survey of IT organizations worldwide. Here is the latest edition:

In addition, we publish special studies from time to time on special topics related to IT spending, IT staffing trends, and IT salaries, based on our original research. Here are some examples:

For a full list of reports, including those not listed above, use our report filtering capability

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