Companies in the industry are tasked with driving aggressive cost reduction and operational optimization initiatives on the one hand, and adopting new business models on the other.

Avasant’s team has deep consulting and practical hands-on industry experience across the Media & Entertainment industry, and has worked with both old and new media companies in the areas of strategic cost optimization, digital transformation, M&A, strategic sourcing, and business transformation. We advise clients on the importance of maintaining stable revenue streams while investing in emerging digital models, and have the expertise to provide tailored recommendations based on a detailed assessment of each client. We focus on cost-saving measures as an enabler for exploration into new mediums, while safeguarding your bottom line. While technologies and platforms quickly come and go, we create agile strategies that enable business models to be adaptive and responsive.

“Avasant’s objective and timely recommendations were a key input into management’s selection of a global partner…to support Sony’s Global Online footprint—a decision amounting to better than an estimated $55 M USD over the contract life…Ultimately, the initiative strategy we have embarked upon will be key to maintaining Sony’s market presence as a global and dominant brand.”

Chief Transformation Officer

Media & Entertainment CLIENT CASE STUDY

Cost reduction has become imperative for survival. The back-office applications of a multinational technology and media conglomerate require hundreds of resources to provide, monitor, and adjust customizable software solutions. Avasant created a strategy for our client to subcontract the management of existing applications to ensure lower cost and higher value solutions. We assisted with the strategy, selection of providers, and transition of these services. Our client has since realized a cost savings of 30%, ultimately supporting revenue generation and freeing up capital for increased investment in offerings.

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