The retail sector is going through major disruptions. Brick-and-mortar stalwarts, some over a century old, are filing for bankruptcy or disappearing entirely. E-commerce and the digital customer experience are taking an increasing part of the shopping dollar. And all of that was happening before the COVID-19 pandemic forced major restrictions on brick-and-mortar shopping. Traditional retail is in a “change or die” mode, and the transformation of business and IT is going to decide who survives. The need for digital transformation has never been greater.

On the positive side, technology innovation has created new opportunities to transform the customer experience, creating the digitally connected consumer. New interactive platforms and personalized experiences have become the mantra for maintaining market share and driving consumer loyalty. This approach is rewriting the rules of the industry. Retailers and consumer packaged goods firms must become more agile and adaptable in order to increase productivity and lower costs while improving customer satisfaction. In particular, retailers and CPG firms stand to gain from supply chain, back-office, and operational innovation. While omnichannel platforms and social media are promising solutions, it is easy to create a fragmented user experience between online and offline channels if solutions lack integration.

Our retail consultants help our retail industry clients develop a strategic road map for integrating market trends and digital technologies to better reach customers. Our solutions target industry leaders who are looking to improve the continuity of brand experience. Our strategic sourcing consultants help our clients explore different sourcing models, service providers, and technologies to build direct-to-consumer and multimedia channels. Not only do our solutions improve customer-facing infrastructure and capital investments, they consistently reduce costs, streamline processes, and foster alignment with the overall business strategy.

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One of the world’s leading retailers of fresh and packaged foods and fast-moving consumer goods with over $100 billion in annual revenue recognized an opportunity to leverage new technology, a redesigned service delivery model, and application support services to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. Our retail consultants provided analysis and insights on market trends, technology innovation, and best practices within the retail industry to allow help our client formulate a strategic road map. Our strategic sourcing consultants guided this client through the full life-cycle of outsourcing strategy, contracting with service providers, and managing the transition of services from end to end, ultimately allowing our client to realize significant cost savings while improving the customer experience.

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