Join Avasant in this new era of interactivity and thought leadership through the Empowering Beyond Digital Forum series. Hear from technology executives representing a multitude of verticals as they address the hot topic issues that matter most to enterprise leaders.

The EB Digital Forum allows attendees to take part in a sensory rich learning environment that is designed to foster imagination, collaborative solutions and thought-provoking words, regardless of where in the world you are located.

These engaging digital events offer the incredible opportunity to gain insight into emergent business solutions and hear industry experts sharing firsthand accounts of the challenges and successes that are progressing business forward.

“The panel discussions, the curriculum and the agenda are very strong. I love the collaboration that goes on amongst the vendors and the other CIOs that are here and are really driven by a lot of the Avasant team to help identify the right things to ask and what people are interested in.”
– Sean Lennon, CIO and SVP, Allergan

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Join Avasant thought leaders as they offer industry expertise through inspiring keynote sessions, thought provoking panel discussions and engaging fireside chats as they explore industry and technology trends at speaking engagements across the globe.

Gain invaluable insights from Avasant leadership on how you can leverage and harness the power of digital technologies to drive transformation. Stay up-to-date on how the market landscape is continuing to evolve through first-hand experiences and moderated exchanges of ideas.

These events offer the opportunity to hear from these innovative experts at regional events with themes and verticals specific to your business as they advise on how to succeed in this digital age and leverage best practices across enterprise.

“It’s important to hear at these events what other people are doing, and then you can incorporate that into your strategies.”
– Ray Barnard, EVP of Systems and Supply Chain at Fluor

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  • Empowering Beyond Summit

  • Empowering Beyond Symposium

  • Executive Spotlight

Join Avasant at Empowering Beyond live events, where top executives representing innovative companies across the Fortune 500 spectrum will converge for a day of thought leadership, intelligent discourse, meaningful networking, and immersive experiences.

These industry leaders will explore how digital solutions and transformational business models are impacting the enterprise landscape and driving real business value. These inspiring sessions are designed to spark attendees’ curiosity and intrigue as they take a holistic look at the current technology landscape.

This series includes Empowering Beyond Summit, Avasant’s annual flagship event, Empowering Beyond Symposiums, regional events focused on the digital prerequisites that are foundational for digital transformation, and Executive Connects, intimate dinners and happy hours with roundtable discussions on trending industry challenges.

“I think the really interesting part of the Avasant Summit is the idea of digital opportunity and how we bring people together from all sorts of walks of life to really be able to use emergent technologies in ways that have transformed our lives.”
– Jeanne Holm, CTO, City of Los Angeles

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Empowering Beyond Madrid

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