Consulting Services for the Healthcare Industry

Avasant advises the entire spectrum of healthcare organizations – healthcare providers (including hospital systems, clinics, primary care networks) and healthcare payors (healthcare insurance providers) – addressing the key challenges of regulatory compliance, payor-provider convergence, clinical systems integration, interoperability, population health management, and security mandates. As payors and providers aim to achieve integration of clinical systems and analytics, our healthcare consulting services help clients optimize business processes and identify solutions that are scalable, supporting new technologies such as cloud-based models, telemedicine, and remote patient monitoring.

Healthcare Payors: Regulatory mandates and shifting consumer preferences require payors to continuously transform how they do business. Our healthcare consulting services help health insurance providers be agile and cost-effective through adoption of digital technologies, providing solutions for cost optimization through price benchmarking and IT and business process outsourcing.

Healthcare Providers: With new operating models coming from the Affordable Care Act and elevated concerns about data ownership, security, and privacy, we help our healthcare clients formulate technology strategy, improve healthcare delivery, and optimize their business processes and IT operations.


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Healthcare Consulting Services for Digital Transformation and Strategic Sourcing

Our healthcare consultants offer a variety of strategic sourcing consulting services for healthcare providers and payors. We assist our clients in identifying and qualifying technology vendors and service providers for IT outsourcing as well as business process outsourcing services. These include outsourcing of processes such as revenue cycle management, claims management, and finance and accounting. We provide healthcare consulting services across the entire sourcing lifecycle from strategy, RFP and negotiation, legal contracts, implementation, and transition management.

Our healthcare consultants are also highly skilled in business transformation. We provide a broad range of digital transformation consulting services, from developing a digital transformation strategy to assessing readiness for digital transformation initiatives to selecting and implementing platforms and tools to carry out the transformation. Our services include transformation of the patient experience as well as establishing a digital operating model that integrates technology modernization, enterprise transformation, and digital strategy throughout the health system.

Our support does not stop with transition management. Many of our clients also engage us beyond sourcing transactions, solution implementation, or digital transformation initiatives, retaining us in ongoing governance of supplier relationships. This includes managed governance services to manage service provider contracts, manage vendor performance, and maintain financial controls to ensure that the value of the relationship is realized. These services are enhanced by our vendor management as a service (VMaaS) offering, including our Avasense™ SaaS platform.


A regional healthcare delivery network saw the merging of technology and medical capabilities as a gateway for improved care. We conducted a holistic assessment of their environment, taking into account regulation, safety, technology and policy to produce a comprehensive technology investment strategy. Through the alignment of IT capabilities and business needs, our client was not only able to better support its patients but also reduced costs and increased effectiveness. Implementing advanced technologies has better equipped this client to deliver care for its 350,000 patients annually. 

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