Government entities, private sector platforms, and civic interest groups are uniting to restructure how citizens interact with government, and the quality of service and transparency that is achievable.

Increasingly, stakeholders of government services expect high levels of customer service that parallel the private sector. These expectations have created digital ecosystems, comprised of a multitude of stakeholders searching for solutions. This era filled with opportunity is also subject to an unprecedented level of rapid change, complexity and disruptive impact to end-to-end business processes, aging IT platforms, and ill-equipped organizations that support them.

Avasant’s Public Sector practice assists its clients with business and technical strategies designed to support new civic digital ecosystems. Through this process, we analyze key issues surrounding policies, compliance, security and governance. It is our goal to transition legacy technology and business processes to modern and flexible business models. Our ability to link public sector business needs with top market solutions ensures that our clients are more responsive and better prepared to address the needs of their stakeholders.

“Our goal is to implement recommendations from Avasant, the City’s IT Strategic Advisor, on industry best practices to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.”

Mayor Eric Garcetti - Public Sector
Mayor Eric Garcetti, City of Los Angeles


When your infrastructure supports a city of 3.8 million, it has to be responsive and efficient. Our client wanted to reduce IT expenditures by streamlining technology services across enterprise and business applications and support services. Avasant developed a City-wide technology plan through determining key city sourcing drivers, developing financial models based on alternative IT and sourcing scenarios, and identifying alternative services approaches. We recommended that the city focus on one of the following approaches to achieve their goals: staff augmentation, managed IT services, or digital enterprise solutions. The city is currently evaluating which scenario will better serve the needs of its people.

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