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    System Integrators Play Increasingly Critical Role in Enterprise System Implementation

    Few organizations have the skills and experience to implement new enterprise systems without the help of an outside systems integrator. As a result, the percentage of organizations that outsource system implementation/integration tasks is relatively high, and those that do outsource some or all of those tasks are generally successful. This Research Byte provides a look at the overall profile of customer experience with the use of systems implementation/integration outsourcing providers.

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    System Implementation/Integration Outsourcing Trends and Customer Experience

    Outsourcing of system implementation/integration involves giving a systems integrator responsibility for implementing new systems, which often involves integration of those systems with other new or existing systems. This study examines adoption trends in the outsourcing of system implementation/integration.

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    If Disaster Recovery More Critical than Ever, Why Did DR Outsourcing Decline?

    : In today’s economy, where businesses increasingly rely on the IT department for day-to-day operations, being able to recover from a disaster or system failure is more important than ever. Because of that reality, many IT organizations find value in disaster recovery outsourcing, where a service provider is responsible for off-site data storage, recovery data centers, or redundant systems. Nevertheless, the outsourcing of DR services has still not recovered since its decline in 2016. This Research Byte analyzes the five-year trend in DR outsourcing and explores some possible reasons for the decline.

  • DisastorRecoveryFig2 600x400 - Research Reports

    Disaster Recovery Outsourcing Trends and Customer Experience

    Because information technology plays a significant role in the support and function of nearly all business operations, it is essential that IT organizations be able to quickly restore services after a disaster or any disruption. This report analyzes the percentage of organizations outsourcing disaster recovery capabilities (frequency), the scope of work outsourced (level), and the change in the amount of work being outsourced (trend).

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    How to Supercharge your Enterprise: Hybrid, Multi-Cloud and Beyond

    Avasant’s digital forum, “How to Supercharge Your Enterprise: Hybrid, Multi-Cloud and Beyond” addressed the key themes we are currently witnessing as enterprise applications shift to cloud native, and hybrid, multi-cloud deployment models become the norm.

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    Reality Check: How to Reshape your IT Organization-A CIO Perspective

    The coronavirus pandemic has had a tremendous impact around the world, affecting every aspect of business. What do IT organizations need to do as we emerge from the pandemic? That is one of the key themes of our recent digital forum, “Reality Check: How to Reshape Your IT Organization – A CIO Perspective.”

  • Reshaping1152x768 600x400 - Research Reports

    How Digital Transformation Will Drive IT Organizations in the Post-Pandemic World

    What do IT organizations need to do as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic? The bottom line is that if you are operating consistent with an integrated digital operating model, the post-COVID world should not be much different from the pre-COVID world—except any further digital transformation should be accelerated.

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    Digital Masters 2020 – COVID-19 Redefining Frontier of Digital Transformation

    As IT leaders are aware, cloud systems are essential for digital transformation. That growing awareness is reflected in the surge of public cloud adoption, which grew by about 35% in 2019. But, the advent of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 has accelerated enterprise adoption of cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure. Many companies are now honing their roadmaps for cloud-led digital transformation and have shown clear intent to accelerate investments. As a result, we expect the growth rate of public cloud services to reach 40%-50% in 2020.. Additionally, we expect adoption of industry-specific, cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to grow three-fold this year.

  • PrimaryImage Digital Masters 2020 600x400 - Research Reports

    Digital Masters 2020 RadarView™

    The Digital Masters 2020 RadarView™ report addresses the need of enterprises to understand the larger tech-enabled transformation imperative, and to identify implementation services providers that are best-suited for complex transformation initiatives and provide a granular understanding of each of them. The 84-page report also highlights how the COVID-19 outbreak has driven enterprises to reprioritize their digital investments and redefined client/vendor relationships and provides a perspective on future market dynamics over the next 12 to 18 months.

  • CE DatabaseAdministration Fig2 600x400 - Research Reports

    Database Administration Outsourcing Trends and Customer Experience

    Database administration outsourcing often leads to satisfied customers who save money. But compared with other outsourcing categories in our annual study, the use of database administration service providers is not a widely practiced strategy. To help IT executives understand their options, this study examines adoption trends in database administration outsourcing.

  • CE DatabaseAdministration Fig2 600x400 - Research Reports

    DBA Outsourcing All Over the Place

    Database administration outsourcing often leads to satisfied customers who save money. But despite that track record, the use of DBA service providers is not widely practiced. Even in the face of outsourcing success, many companies are choosing to keep their database administration in-house. Perhaps this is because, as companies becoming increasingly data-driven, databases become the crown jewels for the organization. This Research Byte provides a look at the outsourcing frequency in context of our full report, Database Administration Outsourcing Trends and Customer Experience.

  • MoneyShot SAPS4HANA 600x400 - Research Reports

    SAP S/4HANA – Laying a foundation for digital transformation

    Tens of thousands of SAP customers face a decision in the next six years. As the end-of-support deadline for SAP ECC approaches in 2027, implementation labor costs for SAP’s next-generation S/4HANA ERP system are expected to skyrocket due to a lack of skilled resources. As a result, about 30% of service providers’ investments over the next 12 months are aimed at certifying their employees for S/4HANA. They’ll do this by leveraging SAP learning platforms, developing in-house learning programs, and establishing S/4HANA training programs in partnership with universities for their students.