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    Computer Economics: Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on IT Budgets in 2020

    Computer Economics: Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on IT Budgets in 2020 At the beginning of 2020, IT organizations were poised for another year of strong IT operational budget growth—and then the global coronavirus pandemic struck. IT leaders are changing their priorities for new projects as a result of COVID-19. Based on the results of the 31st annual Computer Economics IT spending survey just completed, Avasant’s digital forum “Computer Economics: Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on IT Budgets in 2020” discussed how companies are responding to the crisis.

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    Strategies for Managing Outsourcing Spend in the Post-COVID World

    This Research Byte focuses on strategies for business and IT leaders in managing their outsourcing spend and how they can achieve savings. Using a focused negotiation strategy in the middle of this crisis, IT leaders can avoid a reactionary approach in their discussions with service providers.

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    Not Just Digital, Digital Resiliency Is Imperative For Enterprises

    The COVID-19 pandemic marks a watershed moment for companies, and the need for building digital resilience has never been greater. To address business continuity and productivity, there has been a forced shift to remote work in many organizations, along with a spike in the demand for collaboration and a sudden rush to migrate applications to the cloud.

  • Covid - Research Reports

    Deconstructing the Sourcing Challenges In the Wake Of COVID-19

    Organizations can neither influence the public health responses to the pandemic, nor can they change societal structures by themselves. But they can prepare for the restart of the economy and, what appears to be even more important, for any potential second wave of Covid-19 or other pandemic threats. In this interview moderated by Tom Reuner, Head of Strategy, Arago, Avasant’s Srinivas Krishna (Partner and Global Lead EMEA Region) shares his experiences and points of view on the sourcing challenges amidst COVID-19.

  • July21 Webinarimage - Research Reports

    Re-inventing IT: The Playbook for Hybrid Cloud Transformation

    Avasant’s digital forum, “Re-Inventing IT: The Playbook for Hybrid Cloud Transformation” addressed the key themes around the future of Hybrid Cloud, how IT can re-invent itself to keep pace with the fast-changing business needs and how executives can accelerate their Cloud journey without exposing their organization to undue risks.

  • July14 Webinarimage 600x400 - Research Reports

    Resilient Enterprise Transformation: Leveraging Data, Analytics and AI

    Avasant’s digital forum, “Resilient Enterprise Transformation: Leveraging Data, Analytics and AI” addressed the key AI, Big Data and Analytics themes which are currently shaping the market and how it has empowered organizations to transform their core by leveraging these technologies.

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    Big Data Analytics

    "How can rice production in India, affect wheat output in the US, the shipping industry in Norway and the rubber industry in South America?" This was the opening statement of a commercial aired by T. Rowe Price. It is baffling to think that there is a connection between sectors that seem to be so disconnected from each other. But today, this is most certainly a reality.

  • PrimaryImage1 CloudPlatforms2020 600x400 - Research Reports

    Cloud Platforms 2020 RadarView™

    This report addresses the need for enterprises to leverage cloud platforms to accelerate their digital journey, embrace a cloud approach, and identify the right cloud platform providers. It assesses cloud platform providers across key dimensions of product maturity, enterprise adaptability, and innovation roadmap.

  • MoneyShot Cloud Platforms2020 - Research Reports

    Cloud Platforms Becoming More Essential in Face of Pandemic

    Rapidly changing requirements in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic have further accelerated adoption of cloud platforms. To address this rising demand and to better serve customers, cloud platform providers need to emphasize three key areas: collaboration, security, and automation. That is one of the key findings of Avasant’s Cloud Platforms 2020 RadarView™ report.

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    Website/E-Commerce Outsourcing Trends and Customer Experience

    Website and e-commerce outsourcing is one of the most ubiquitous types of managed services. To help IT executives better assess their options, this report analyzes the percentage of organizations outsourcing website and e-commerce operations (frequency), the average amount of work outsourced (level), and the change to the amount of work being outsourced (net growth trend).

  • CE Webecommerce fig2 600x400 - Research Reports

    Website/E-Commerce Becoming More Strategic, While Outsourcing Rate Flattens

    Website and e-commerce outsourcing is one of the most ubiquitous types of managed services. However, after a recent dip, the percentage of organizations outsourcing in this area has been flat. This could be due, in part, to e-commerce technology becoming more strategic in nature. As more customers shop online and use mobile device payment systems, the web and e-commerce experience becomes a legitimate differentiator. That is apparently prompting some companies to bring e-commerce systems in-house. This Research Byte provides a look at the outsourcing frequency in context of the full report, Website/E-Commerce Outsourcing Trends and Customer Experience.

  • CE IThelpDesk Fig2 600x400 - Research Reports

    IT Help Desk Outsourcing Trends and Customer Experience

    IT help desk outsourcing helped establish the contemporary IT outsourcing industry. Nevertheless, the number of organizations that outsource the IT help desk dropped this year and has failed to bounce back in this time of relatively strong economic conditions. This report examines adoption trends and customer experience with help desk outsourcing.