Avasant Digital Forum: Re-imagining Manufacturing through Digital Technologies

October, 2021

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Re-imagining Manufacturing through Digital Technologies

The pandemic had a significant impact on the manufacturing sector. It disrupted supply chains, shrunk demand for high-value goods – such as primary metals, industrial machinery, and automobiles – and labor shortages completely “manu-fractured” an already-struggling sector. However, the effects of the pandemic have also ignited urgent innovation. The fault lines in global supply chains are being mapped, answers surrounding the unpredictability of labor are being found, and the induction of advanced technologies is heralding new efficiencies. As a result, the manufacturing sector of tomorrow is likely to develop beyond being resilient, it could become “antifragile”. While resilient businesses can withstand shock, antifragile businesses thrive due to stress, shock, failures, and volatility. Amongst all this, leaders needed to rise to the occasion and provide technical leadership together with digital capabilities to enable this transformation and to sustain the business through the pandemic. Leaders will have to keep a digital-first approach and be the change agent to implement the transformation needed to align to the growth agenda of the organization.

This digital forum will brought together leaders to discuss practical topics including: 

  • Industry 4.0 in post-pandemic economy 
  • Re-designing the supply chain for resilience 
  • Making the B2C journey 
  • How CIOs can lead the digital transformation