Cloud Security in the Post Pandemic World: Securing the Extended Enterprise

August, 2020

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Avasant Digital Forum: Cloud Security in the Post Pandemic World: Securing the Extended Enterprise in Partnership with HCL Technologies and Commvault

As companies virtualize their IT and shift to Work from Home, they implicitly extend the boundaries of their enterprise into insecure territory.

Since March there has been an 85% surge in cyber-attacks, with data thefts and ransomware becoming a significant threat vector. This has exposed the vulnerabilities in the management of data that flows through personal devices, home networks and the virtualized cloud platforms.

The Post-COVID enterprise data management strategies must include a Cloud-centric security envelope that spans across extended work environment in this growing hybrid/multi-cloud world. Securing your Data in this Extended Enterprise is now one of the most critical priorities.

This Digital Forum featured speakers John Caruthers, former FBI and Director of Cybersecirty, Ilumina, Brian Broackway, CTO and VP at Commvault, Piyush Saxena, VP and Head of Hybrid Cloud at HCL Technologies and Naresh Lachmandas, Principal and Sr. Fellow at Avasant. The executives dived into the next generation threats and pre-emptive strategies to mitigate Cyber-risks in a virtualized world.

Topics that were discussed included:
• Trends in Cybercrime, data risks and vulnerabilities in a Cloud enabled environment
• Strategies to manage extended networks and data security within insecure remote work environments
• Best practices and Solutions for secure data management and business continuity in the Cloud