Enhancing the Digital Experience: The Power of Next-Gen Apps

June, 2021

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Avasant Digital Forum: Enhancing the Digital Experience: The Power of Next-Gen Apps

As business increasingly moves to digital channels, organizations must more quickly respond to the changing tastes of customers. At the same time, these digital channels throw off huge volumes of data that organizations can use to more effectively reach customers and enhance their digital experiences. But how can organizations ensure that they take advantage of these opportunities?

In this fast-moving panel discussion with industry experts, we have shown:

  • How new cloud deployment options allow organizations to respond more quickly to changing market conditions.
  • How next generation intelligent apps are opening a whole new way for organizations to interact with customers.
  • How enterprises are orchestrating customer journeys to reach them through any and all digital channels.
  • How artificial intelligence can take advantage of big data to deliver insights into customer behavior and intentions and help them reach their destinations.
  • Examples from healthcare, retail, financial services, and the public sector that illustrate how industry leaders are reaching these goals.