Essential Certifications for Call Centers and BPOs

February, 2012


This paper outlines the essential certifications for Business Process Outsourcing companies with details on the Organizational Certifications, Individual Certifications, Industry Specific Certifica-tions, and key Compliance Laws of the client nations. With the growing repertoire of service providers in emerging geographies providing BPO and Call Center services, clients are spoilt for choice. In this world of increased financial system volatilities and geopolitical risks, clients are treading ever more cautiously in selection of the right service provider.
To reap true benefits of globalization, setting standards thus becomes imperative for clients as well as service providers. The objective of this whitepaper is to (1) assist BPO and CallCenter service providers decide which certifications are necessary in order to demon-strate capabilities that are recognized and accepted globally (2) assist clients in their evalua-tion of service providers and (3) provide agents with necessary skills that can enable growth in their career. Further, it also classifies the BPO certifications into mandatory and desirable. Desirable certifications although not imperative enhance the competitiveness of BPO and Call Center service providers.