Future of Governance: Driving Business Agility and Resilience

September, 2020

Avasant Digital Forum: Future of Governance: Driving Business Agility and Resilience in partnership with IAOP

This 30-minute digital forum provides invaluable Industry perspective on latest governance trends. Panelists shared firsthand experiences of enabling business agility and resilience through governance, as told through the lens of the CIO.

The business and vendor landscape is changing due to market uncertainties and complex technologies. Avasant leaders provided insights on how to address these challenges and define the future of governance in a digital ecosystem.

• How is the Vendor and Business landscape changing?

• Why do we need to rethink Governance?

• Future trends and solutions for building a sustainable governance program

• Success strategies for implementing a sustainable governance program

In the face of COVID, a heightened strain has been placed on enterprise leaders to ensure transparency and alignment with third party vendors. Assessing missing core capabilities, establishing internal processes and managing leakage has become more crucial than ever.

With constrained budgets and the need to optimize costs and efficiency, intelligent governance solutions are becoming an imperative. Ensuring effective governance across the entire IT services portfolio, while achieving compliance with risk controls, the health of an organization can be dramatically improved through a cohesive governance program.