Get Access to Our 2020 IT Spending Metrics

January, 2019

2018ISSCoverThumb - Get Access to Our 2020 IT Spending MetricsOur IT Spending Survey is now underway, and we’re looking for additional qualified respondents.

If you are an IT executive or IT manager with access to your organization’s IT budget, please apply for the survey by clicking the button below. 

Apply for our IT Spending Survey

What’s in It for You?

If you qualify to participate and you complete the online survey, we’ll send you a variety of our research publications (including the composite benchmarks from this study), at no charge–over $6,000 in value!  Click the button above to see the details.


At a minimum, to qualify to take the survey:

  • You (or someone reporting to you) must be able to answer questions about your IT organization’s budget and headcount.Typically this would be an IT executive, or someone that participates in the IT budgeting process.
  • Your business must have at least $50 million (USD) in annual revenues.

If we accept your application, we will send you an email with a link to the online survey. The survey will require about one hour of your time.