IT Sector Strategic Roadmap Development for Moldova

October, 2017

Avasant has been engaged with the Ministry of ICT in Moldova since January 2017 to identify the best approaches to globally position Moldova as the next innovative IT destination. The engagement was sponsored by USAID in association with the Government of Sweden, MIEPO and Association of ICT companies Moldova.

Avasant created an export-oriented industry roadmap for Moldovan ICT products and services with target markets around the world including the US, Europe and Africa. Avasant emphasized the need for a non-linear product driven strategy for the country, as the approach would prove to be more scalable and innovation driven. Moldova is uniquely positioned to deliver ER&D and high-value IT services. Given the collaborative support from the Government, donor agencies, private sector and academia, Avasant believes that it has a high potential of fulfilling its promise. Avasant will also be assisting the country in creating a marketing and promotion strategy over the next few months to raise more awareness of the country’s unique proposition.