Join Us at Data Center World

February, 2006

afcom - Join Us at Data Center World

Computer Economics will be speaking on the subject, “How to Cost-Justify an IT Investment,” at AFCOM’s spring Data Center World conference in March. The presentation will explain how IT managers can use the concept of economic value added (EVA) to build the business case for IT infrastructure and data center investments.

“Business executives aren’t writing any blank checks to IT these days,” said Frank Scavo, President, Computer Economics. “Therefore, data center managers and other IT executives need to be able to present the cost and benefits for each IT project in terms that executives outside of IT can appreciate.”

He added, “Too often an IT manager will present a new project in terms of why it is important. But, every project is important to somebody. With limits on funding, business executives think in terms of which project delivers more value to the organization. Your server upgrades are competing with a new plant in Idaho, or a new warehouse in Buffalo. So you have to find a way to show that your project either makes money or saves money. It’s not always easy.”

Because of high advance interest from conference registrants, AFCOM is scheduling the presentation to be given twice.

AFCOM’s Data Center World conference is being held March 19-23, 2006, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. To request a free conference brochure or to register for the conference, visit AFCOM’s website at

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