Artificial Intelligence a Major Focus of Empowering Beyond Summit

April, 2023

EBS 300x175 - Artificial Intelligence a Major Focus of Empowering Beyond SummitGenerative AI has caught everyone’s imagination as ChatGPT became the fastest adopted technology in history. In light of this, artificial intelligence will be one of the focuses of Avasant’s Empowering Beyond Summit 2023 (EBS23), which will feature inspiring keynotes, interactive panels, innovative demos, private social lounges, fireside chats, and more. The summit will take place on May 1 and 2, 2023, at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort in Huntington Beach, Calif.

Enterprise Use Cases for Generative AI

While individuals have been able to tap ChatGTP, Bing Chat, Bard, and others for productivity and research, businesses are still figuring out how to leverage generative AI within their enterprise stack. At EBS23, the topic will be discussed by Shilpi Agarwal, Founder and Chief Data Ethics Officer, DataEthics4All Foundation; Mike Zill, CIO, Acadia Pharmaceuticals; and Frank Scavo, President of Avasant Research and a Senior Partner with the firm. Topics to be discussed include why businesses should have a plan for generative AI; what are the ideal use cases to enable business transformation; and how can this be embedded within the digital transformation road map.

“Generative AI is a powerful tool that can be used to create a mind-blowing amount of content,” said Tom Dunlap, Avasant direct of research. “But caveat emptor. Just because these new applications can generate something doesn’t mean it’s always accurate or useful.”

The rapidly growing artificial intelligence landscape will be the subject of other panel discussions at the summit.

Digital Health—from AI to Wearables

The field of digital health is exploding, and many exciting technologies promise to revolutionize the healthcare industry. From wearables that track vital signs to AI algorithms that can help diagnose diseases, these technologies offer tremendous potential for improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. In a panel discussion, “The Promise of Digital Health–From AI to Wearables,” experts will discuss the promise of digital health, its challenges, and its potential to transform healthcare.

Topics include how have wearable devices improved patient outcomes, such as in the areas of remote patient monitoring, disease diagnosis, and personalized medicine; the ethical considerations associated with the use of AI-powered wearable devices in healthcare, such as bias in algorithms, equitable access to technology, and the potential for replacing human clinicians; and next steps: What does the future look like for AI-powered wearable devices in healthcare, including emerging technologies, potential partnerships between healthcare and technology companies, and the role of innovation in driving progress?

Intelligent Automation Enabling Digital Operations

Another panel will tackle the subject, “How Intelligent Automation Can Enable Digital Operations.” Intelligent automation (IA) has evolved into a critical technology for enabling digital operations across industries. By leveraging the power of RPA + AI/ML, businesses can not only streamline their processes and reduce costs but drive a richer customer experience and enable new revenue streams.

This panel will discuss: the role of intelligent automation in enabling digital operations to be more agile, adaptive, and resilient in the face of disruption and uncertainty; how organizations can leverage IA to the drive next level of innovation and operational excellence, and the role of intelligent automation in enhancing customer experience and driving revenue.

About Empowering Beyond Summit

The summit is the world’s foremost forum for thought leaders, practitioners, trailblazers, and C-level executives to discuss how technology is reshaping business and inspiring innovation. This year’s theme is Imagination to Action. It reflects Avasant’s vision for a sustainable future where new ideas can be shaped into business outcomes.

EBS23 will focus on front-burner topics that define the future of global businesses and industry value chains. Themes range from the real-world impact of generative AI, Web3, and the metaverse, to meeting the challenges of supply chain optimization and balancing growth and sustainability. The sessions will highlight how, by collaborating and co-innovating, companies can unlock new potential to thrive in the everchanging “normal.”

Over 300 senior-level executives will attend EBS23 for engaging discourses, interactive experiences, and thought leadership. Speakers from many verticals will share their stories and insights. Hear from innovators like:

    • Frank D’Souza, Founder, Recognize
    • Eric Engquist, Head of Marketing Operations, USAA
    • Sam Barani, Global Chief Business Services Officer, Fresenius Medical Care
    • Alexandra Landegger, CISO, Cubic Corporation
    • Nishit Sahay, VP IT, Marvell
    • Eric Iverson, Head of Product Strategy, Amazon Studios
    • Shilpi Agarwal, Founder and Chief Data Ethics Officer, DataEthics4All Foundation
    • James Havens, General Manager Digital Customer Experience, Toyota Motor North America
    • Brian Kernan, VP Indirect Procurement and Vendor Management, RNDC
    • Justin Erbacci, CEO, Los Angeles World Airports
    • Sabby Ray, Head of Insurance Operations, Corebridge Financial
    • Mukund Kalamanker, Global Head of AI, Wipro

Registration is now open and can be accessed via the Empowering Beyond Summit 2023 event page.