Empowering Beyond Preview: The Virtuous Cycle of Sustainability and Innovation

April, 2023

EBS 300x175 - Empowering Beyond Preview: The Virtuous Cycle of Sustainability and InnovationAlthough the Industrial Revolution brought economic growth and lifted people out of poverty, it also came with a price to the environment. Pollution, loss of habitat, and climate change are creating challenges for enterprises. But challenges often lead to innovation. With a bit of imagination and leadership, today’s digital technologies can enable economic growth while promoting environmental sustainability.

On Tuesday, May 2, at 2:40 p.m., at the Empowering Beyond Summit in Huntington Beach, Calif., a group of analysts from Avasant Research, moderated by Avasant Senior Research Director David Wagner, will discuss:

    • New technologies that also promote sustainability
    • The trend in reporting enterprise environmental impact
    • What organizations are doing to incorporate sustainability into business strategy and to promote it throughout the workforce
    • How embracing sustainability can drive innovation

The panel will consist of Senior Research Director Swapnil Bhatnagar, Director, Corporate Strategy, Shael Roopchand, and Research Leader Chandrika Dutt. With a combined decades of research experience, the panel will highlight our efforts to track sustainability initiatives as well as Avasant’s own environmental, social, and governance (ESG) program.

“I’m excited to have this conversation with the panel,” said David Wagner. “Often when we talk about sustainability, we talk about it from the point of view of altruism or simple cost savings. This panel gives us the chance to show how sustainability can actually be transformative.”

“Sustainability is in our DNA,” said Avasant CEO and Chairman Kevin S. Parikh. “I’m hoping this panel will show our commitment and our understanding.”

About Empowering Beyond Summit

The panel will be part of the larger theme of Empowering Beyond—Imagination to Action. Other panels include:

    • Imagination to Action: Powering the Future Through Creative Solutions
    • Reimaging the Future of Tech Enabled Services
    • The Age of Uncertainty: Managing global Business in the Never Normal
    • Beyond the Buzz: Harnessing Generative AI for Digital Transformation
    • Managing Information Veracity and Trust & Safety in the Age of Deep Fakes
    • The Promise of Digital Health – From AI to Wearables
    • Embracing Disruption: Lessons from Digital Natives

Empowering Beyond is the world’s foremost forum for thought leaders, practitioners, trailblazers, and C-level executives to discuss how technology is reshaping business and inspiring innovation. This year’s theme reflects Avasant’s vision for a sustainable future where new ideas can be shaped into business outcomes.
The summit will focus on front-burner topics that define the future of global businesses and industry value chains. Themes range from the real-world impact of generative AI, Web3, and the metaverse, to meeting the challenges of supply chain optimization and balancing growth and sustainability. The sessions will highlight how, by collaborating and co-innovating, companies can unlock new potential to thrive in the everchanging “normal.”

Over 300 senior-level executives will attend EBS23 for engaging discourses, interactive experiences, and thought leadership. Speakers from many verticals will share their stories and insights. Hear from innovators like:

    • Frank D’Souza, Founder, Recognize
    • Eric Engquist, Head of Marketing Operations, USAA
    • Sam Barani, Global Chief Business Services Officer, Fresenius Medical Care
    • Alexandra Landegger, CISO, Cubic Corporation
    • Nishit Sahay, VP IT, Marvell
    • Eric Iverson, Head of Product Strategy, Amazon Studios
    • Shilpi Agarwal, Founder and Chief Data Ethics Officer, DataEthics4All Foundation
    • James Havens, General Manager Digital Customer Experience, Toyota Motor North America
    • Brian Kernan, VP Indirect Procurement and Vendor Management, RNDC
    • Justin Erbacci, CEO, Los Angeles World Airports
    • Sabby Ray, Head of Insurance Operations, Corebridge Financial
    • Mukund Kalamanker, Global Head of AI, Wipro

Registration is now open and can be accessed via the Empowering Beyond Summit 2023 event page.