Server Support Staffing Ratios (2007)

December, 2006


Providing an adequate level of server support staff is an important element of data center budgeting. This article provides benchmarks for server support headcount based on a survey conducted by Computer Economics with over 140 data centers. Benchmarks are provided in terms of the number of servers and OS instances that are supported by one support staff member, at the median, 25th, and 75th percentiles. Metrics are provided for small (fewer than 50 servers), medium (50 to 250 servers), and large data centers (more than 250 servers). This study also provides guidelines for adjusting the staffing ratios to account for project-related activities and time spent performing help desk activities. Finally, the impact of server virtualization is analyzed in terms of its positive effect on server support staff productivity. (13 pp, 20 figs.)
[Executive Summary]